Academic Staffs

Dr. Chaohong Lee
Physical Systems: Quantum atomic gases;  Optical waveguide arrays and photonic lattices
Research Areas:  Many-body quantum physics; Quantum metrology; Topological states; Quantum simulations; Quantum dynamics
Dr. Zhenhua Yu
Physical Systems: Quantum atomic gases; Degenerate Fermi gases
Research Areas: Cold atom physics theory; Precision measurement theory; Resonantly interacting systems; Few-body problems; Cavity-QED
Dr. Hongyi Yu
(Professor) Physical Systems: Low-dimensional quantum materials
Research Areas: Valleytronics of 2D materials, Quantum-state engineering and metrology
Dr. Yuangang Deng
(Assoc. Prof.) Physical Systems: Dipolar and spinor quantum gases; Ultracold atoms in optical lattices
Research Areas: Topological states; Superradiance for cold atoms
Dr. Jiahao Huang
(Assoc. Prof.) Quantum metrology; Quantum atomic gases;  Quantum dynamics 
Dr. Zhihuang Luo
(Assoc. Prof.)
Dr. Bo Lu
(Research Fellow) Cold atom experiments; Quantum metrology and sensing
Dr. Jibiao Wang
(Research Fellow) BCS-BEC crossover; Ultracold atoms in optical lattices
Dr. Shilin Hu  
(Research Fellow) Strong field physics; Many-body quantum physics
Dr. Jing Tang
(Research Fellow) Cold atom experiments; Quantum optics; Quantum metrology
Dr. Chengyin Han Cold atom experiments; Quantum optics; Quantum metrology
Dr. Yongguan Ke
(Postdoc) Topological states; Quantum atomic gases; Quantum metrology
Dr. Xianing Feng
(Postdoc) Quantum metrology
Dr.Guangcun Liu

General Staffs

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