Attribute to the fast developments in engineering synthetic quantum systems, instead of being satisfied with what nature hands us, it is possible to explore what new things can be done with synthetic quantum systems. In recent years, there continuously appear seminal discoveries in synthetic quantum systems. The high controllability and robust quantum coherence of synthetic quantum systems offer new opportunities for exploring the mysterious quantum effects, in particular, the many-body quantum effects. Apart from understanding their quantum nature, the studies on synthetic quantum systems will advance practical quantum technologies, such as, quantum simulation and quantum metrology.
Our research core is the mysterious quantum effects in synthetic quantum systems of atoms, ions or photons. Around the research core, we will also develop realizable schemes for implementing quantum metrology and quantum simulations. Our main research areas include:
(i)  Quantum Engineering & Quantum Simulation;
(ii)  Quantum Metrology & Quantum Sensors; and
(iii) Many-Body Quantum Physics & Quantum Dynamics.